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Leading edge: retain your business advantage

Global Trend in Hyper growth. How to remain in the leading edge?

Leading edge: What is the trend of hyper-growth nowadays? How do we know what to follow, trends change at the speed of light? Follow this article to get to know where to advance your strategy of growth with the most advance techniques.

Prime Consulting - Business Hyper Growth

1. Leading edge: Not just websites – Internet 2.0.

First of all, every new project nowadays is includes many more aspects than just a website. The creation of “internet 2.0” platforms is the bistest investment of recent startups. We have been in contact with Silicon Valley co-living areas and the majority of successful startups includes several elements of Internet 2.0. Many visionary enterpreneurs are thinking at how to annihilate the Facebook empire How could they achieve it, do you have an idea?

2- Leding edge: Artificial Intelligence

Another trend is certainly the integration of Artificial Intelligence elements in every platform or service for the purpose of data gathering or to talke more informed, intellicent and fast decisions. Artificial intelligence is an investment, even governments are following closely its developments, how could you keep yourself in the leading edge of AI?

3. Leding edge: Cyber security

Another powerful trend is cyber security, especially from like Israel and the USA, the idea of creating safer products has become even more widely felt since the advent of the blockchain, and the demand for safer transactions services and products is increasing.

4. Leding edge: Sales Automation

Sales Automation, Sales Force Automation and Intelligent Shops are a big trend. Usually first mover advantage gives you a chance to dominate a market, however the number of niches to develop services and products is rapidly diminishing and the questions really becomes: has everything been created already?

5. Leding edge: Sell the future

There has also been a great number of startups in the area of consulting, coaching and apps to help with these aspects, but none seems to have ever been able to break through and evolve to stand a chance on a global marke. Many startups and businesses are not really putting their effort in finding their own success and are simply “skyscraping” a word used to define businesses that simply try to replicate in another country or language something that has worked elsewhere, but this often turns into failure as the local peculiarities may mean the business is not replicable as is or as it was initially defined.

In this respect, if you really want to understand trends in hyper-growth globally, you must avoid this common pitfall, skyscraping means simply replicating the past in a fast paced word, it won’t work, you need to have a powerful vision of the future. Hyper-growth means to hustle – to have the courage, confidence, self belief, and self-determination to go out there and work it out until you find the opportunities you want in life – this means working intelligently and outguessing the future desires of the masses. In short, you must sell the future!

Leading edge: retain your business advantageArticle by Adrian Moreno
COO & Head of Growth.
Prime Consulting.

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